My ex-husband and I went through Mediation process with Mediation and Dispute Resolution, LLC for numerous post-divorce issues. Our original divorce decree and a second modification of the decree, still left many unanswered concerns, confusion, was expensive and most importantly, neither effort created an actual workable situation, which ultimately led to many sources of frustration, anxiety, misinterpretations, and further disputes.
Jeff and Cindy Miller, the co-mediators we worked with were excellent! They not only made sure we got all our issues on the table for discussion and helped us be creative to get to sensible solutions; they helped guide us to making practical and realistic decisions. This translated to their creating an extremely detailed and comprehensive agreement and modification to our decree, which included an all-inclusive parenting plan to eliminate confusion and further misunderstandings. I left the mediation feeling like we had both won, with new clarity and understanding on how we would co-parent our children going forward, with a plan that can actually work.
I wish we had gone through Mediation before getting divorced, because it would have cost much less and would have eliminated several years of aggravation and anxiety. Jeff and Cindy Miller made the whole process from the mediation session, creating documents, simple and straightforward.
It is through my personal experience that I highly recommend the Mediation and Dispute Resolution team. They are knowledgeable, professional, creative, flexible and thoughtful. I believe they could handle just about any kind of dispute, be it legal, divorce, separation, family or business.
Ashley H.

Ashley H.


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Jeffrey and Cindy Miller at  Mediation and Dispute Resolution, LLC are both "Qualified Divorce & Family Mediators".  They have been approved by the Tulsa County District Court’s Quality Assurance Panel (QAP) and are listed on the Tulsa County Family Court's approved list of Qualified Divorce & Family Mediators. To be listed on the courts approved list, Mediators must meet the requirements of the Oklahoma District Court Mediation Act, 12 O.S. Section 1825.