Co-mediation is where a team of two mediators works to assist parties in solving their disputes and settling their case.  It is a unique mediation and dispute resolution service offered by Mediation and Dispute Resolution, LLC.  Many mediation firms don’t offer this service or when it is offered it can often cost double the normal rate.

At Mediation and Dispute Resolution, LLC we are passionate about helping people solve their disagreements outside the court system in the fastest, most efficient, and most cost effective way, so our co-mediation fees are the same as our single mediator mediation fees.   In essence – you get two mediators for the cost of one.  Co-mediation is not required but is simply offered as an option by Mediation and Dispute Resolution, LLC.   When you contact us to schedule your mediation, we will ask you if you would prefer single or co-mediation.

Our goals for co-mediation:

  • Foster and encourage open and honest communication between the parties.
  • Use the combined skills of the co-mediators to find true common ground.
  • Build solid trust, rapport and confidence by having multiple mediators.
  • Reduce potential dead time, where one party waits for the mediator.
  • Match the mediation team’s diversity, skills and experience based on the needs of the parties; i.e. male/ female, lawyer/non-lawyer, business executive/lawyer, child advocate/lawyer.
  • Through the combined skills and talents of multiple mediators provide enhanced cooperative problem solving prospects by brainstorming and working with the parties to find creative solutions.
  • Increase the comfort of the parties where complex and often emotionally charged situations are involved through gender balanced male/female mediation teams.
  • Have a higher compliance rate for all agreements reached in the years that follow.
  • Save our clients’ money through the higher efficiency and effectiveness of co-mediation.
  • Provide professional and well-organized follow-up after the primary mediation process.
  • Through the mediation process, provide our clients with the skills and tools they may need to solve future disputes past the initial mediation on their own.


Co-mediation works extremely well for Family, Divorce and all domestic type cases.  However, it is also effectively used in most multi-party cases such as, estate and trust, real estate, employment issues, elder care, construction and other commercial and civil cases.  One of the key factors in using co-mediation is the fact that it can be more efficient, which often results in reaching agreement and settlements faster, thus saving clients’ money.



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Jeffrey and Cindy Miller at  Mediation and Dispute Resolution, LLC are both "Qualified Divorce & Family Mediators".  They have been approved by the Tulsa County District Court’s Quality Assurance Panel (QAP) and are listed on the Tulsa County Family Court's approved list of Qualified Divorce & Family Mediators. To be listed on the courts approved list, Mediators must meet the requirements of the Oklahoma District Court Mediation Act, 12 O.S. Section 1825.