General business disputes can range from insurance claims, contract issues, partnership matters, intellectual property troubles, technology troubles and cyber liabilities to real estate, property damage and employment matters surrounding issues such as discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination.  

During the last twenty years’ courts have advanced the principles of equal opportunity and fair employment, which has made employment related matters one of the fastest growing areas of disputes.

Several recent decisions made by the U.S. Supreme Court should give caution to employers who disregard or overlook complaints from their employees.  


Mediation & Dispute Resolution, LLC.

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Mediation and Dispute Resolution, LLC.

7136 S. Yale Avenue, Suite 215 
Tulsa, OK 74136



Jeffrey and Cindy Miller at  Mediation and Dispute Resolution, LLC are both "Qualified Divorce & Family Mediators".  They have been approved by the Tulsa County District Court’s Quality Assurance Panel (QAP) and are listed on the Tulsa County Family Court's approved list of Qualified Divorce & Family Mediators. To be listed on the courts approved list, Mediators must meet the requirements of the Oklahoma District Court Mediation Act, 12 O.S. Section 1825.