Mediation in this category may include attempting to resolve a civil lawsuit that has already been filed in court and is at any stage in the litigation process, but it can also include resolving a dispute before it becomes a lawsuit.  

Disputes in this area are varied and may include claims such as breach of contract, tort claims, debt settlement/collection, neighbor and homeowners’ association disputes, and landlord and tenant disputes, to name a few.  

Please contact us if you have questions on mediation services for a particular legal dispute.


Mediation & Dispute Resolution, LLC.

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Mediation and Dispute Resolution, LLC.

7136 S. Yale Avenue, Suite 215 
Tulsa, OK 74136



Jeffrey and Cindy Miller at  Mediation and Dispute Resolution, LLC are both "Qualified Divorce & Family Mediators".  They have been approved by the Tulsa County District Court’s Quality Assurance Panel (QAP) and are listed on the Tulsa County Family Court's approved list of Qualified Divorce & Family Mediators. To be listed on the courts approved list, Mediators must meet the requirements of the Oklahoma District Court Mediation Act, 12 O.S. Section 1825.